A Writer’s Life For Me : Mental Health & Artists (1)

vidy paling keren

We were especially frustrated because when his caretaker, Erin, arrived at 9 a.m., she could get him to eat scrambled eggs with cheese, yogurt, cereala meal fit for a kid twice his age and size. Why? And why was he suddenly chanting Bee-bee, bay-bee every five minutes? Because, we eventually discovered, shed bribe him by playing a music video on our iPad: Justin Biebers Baby. The song came to be Theos life raft, as well as our measuring stick for how long it would take to feed him. Id sworn that Bieber would never be allowed in our household, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and the track was playing so frequently it became like white noise: Theo would demand the video repeatedly until his mealor any task we needed him to endurewas done. It was an easy request to oblige.

Continuing with where this stigma comes from, I also cant help but wonder whether its from the people who are close to these artists. Everyone loves it when theyre being painted, or written about, but when you break someones heart and instead of developing your character they start planning how to kill you off, suddenly theyre unhinged, unhappy, unstable. Has that contributed to the stigma; that instead of moving on from troubling things in our lives, we must first document them and share them, often causing deep upset for the person who inspired the work itself? Maybe thats worth considering more for part two of this feature. It has often been suggested that writing can be a great help to those suffering with mental health problems, offering a safe and constructive outlet, despite the writing itself being a troubling read should you stumble across it three years later. Nevertheless, artistic acts have been said to be very therapeutic for those suffering through a time of mental turbulence.


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